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sun and rise

sun and rise blends sustainability and fashion in an aesthetically pleasing and daring way. We want to act at the core of a new era by creating and conceptualizing new modes.

There is no doubt that the current fashion industry needs to change its narrative. For doing so, we infuse positive and sustainable change at many different levels; top-down, bottom-up and inside out.

sun and rise is a consulting company carrying on kim goes eko, a brand established in 2015. We believe that only collaboration can write the new narrative of the fashion industry.

We work with conscious individuals and entities; brands, NGOs, fashion brands and many more. Our aim is to let the industry rise into a meaningful future. If you want to understand the aesthetics of sun and rise, hop over to Instagram.


Kim has started working for EY, a leading global consulting firm. Sun and rise is her second spin off brand.

Kim is passionate about sustainability. She intuitively takes responsibility and has an interconnected understanding of concepts and consequences. Her international exposure made her lead and manage teams, understand how fashion functions differently in each city and how the industry is an ever evolving giant.

Through shared leadership and her empathic understanding, she quickly find her role in your idea. If you want to know more about Kim Gerlach, hop over to LinkedIn.

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